Some new jewels I’ve been making…

29 Jun

Some new yummy jewels I have been making over at mysweetmuse;


Vintage LARGE Silver Sands and Luxe Rhinestones Brooch


Vintage Brooch with Rhinestone Centre


Vintage Silver Sands and Pearls Brooch


Vintage Flower with mixed semi precious stones.


Vintage flower with semi precious stones


Vintage Tone Pastel Pearls and Crystals


Vintage Coral Flower with Pastel Pearls


Vintage Coral Flower with Pastel pearls



BABIES! Brisbane Newborn Photographer

29 Jun

Lately, I have had the absolute pleasure of photographing gorgeous babies…..and seeing as I’m ridiculously clucky and totally in love with newborns, this mix of cameras and babies is SUCH a happy place for me!!!  Come and take a look at more of my work HERE!








I have been making…..

9 Dec

Over the past 3 months, mysweetmuse (my jewellery label) has been growing and evolving!  Stunning vintage treasures have been daily transformed into modern, statement jewellery with feminine and vintage twist!  If you like jewellery with a heart and soul and adore having treasures that are unique and a little different, then COME AND FAN ME on Facebook!  View my photoalbums on my fan page to see the full collection!

Vintage metal flower rings with stunning swarovski centres

Vintage metal flower rings with stunning swarovski centres

Intricate vintage 1950s Japanese glass stone with floral carved design.

Pretty Posie, a sweet cluster of vintage flowers all centred with glittering swarovski crystals and hung on sterling silver earwires.

Blossom Garland, a sweet row of vintage flowers all centred with glittering swarovski crystals and hung on gold hoops

The filly and her filigree, vintage flower bracelet and ring with swarovski centres

2 coral rows with czech crystals, swarovski centred vintage flower and 3 layers of old gold chain


3 Jul

I know, I know, I’ve been a bit absent over the last 2 weeks!!  We’ve had friends staying with their children, so we have been off seeing the sights and entertaining in our fair Capital!!   In other news, I got a jazzy new camera in the mail (Nikon D90, HOORAY!), so I have been out and about shooting anything and everything!!!  This weekend I am meeting a new friend, seeing Coco Avant Chanel and making all things glittery, as I stockpile for Canberra’s Designer Upmarket…..BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!

Next week, hubby and I leave for a much awaited second honeymoon in Thailand, we are SOOOOOO excited!!   Please excuse my lack of blogging during this time…….if you need me I can be found somewhere in Bangkok, horizontal, in a Thai massage spa……..

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!!!!

Prettythings today are courtesy of the AMAAAAAAAZING bellarosebyliz on flickr and at ETSY!!!



19 Jun

Here’s a little gasp-worthy collection for your perusal, from exquisite designer Rita Saardi……….ahhhh, the pretty things………..Have a WONDERFUL FRIDAY my gorgeous friends!!!  Happy weekending, xxx PYT







Collection images from: Rita Saardi

Colour swatches by: prettyoungthing!

Loving the Lanvin!

18 Jun

Being Australian, I LOVE a jolly good splash of colour!  That’s probably why I love the Lanvin Resort 2010 collection so much!  Accessorised with pretty POPS and BURSTS of contrasting colours, it cements the fact that bold and oversized accessories are here to stay for a while longer, HURRAH!!!







Images courtesy of, colour swatches courtesy of me!

It’s a grey day………..

16 Jun

Today I’m feeling a bit off.

I found out at the end of last week that my Grandfather was taken to hospital by my Mum, after complaining of not being able to breathe.  Yesterday, after many tests and discussions with his heart specialist, my Grandfather was given an MRI on his lungs.  Apparently it IS NOT his heart causing the breathing issue (which is what the Dr.’s were telling him it was for the last 6 months), and it now looks a lot more sinister and more a lung issue.

There are basically two rather large and horrible possibilities.  First being; my Grandfather has advanced lung cancer.  Second being; my Grandfather has Mesothelioma, a cancer that is very strongly linked to asbestos exposure (he worked as  a builder back in the days of asbestos).  As yet, we are still awaiting the results of the lung MRI.

I am scared.  I have never had anyone close to me die, ever.  I don’t live near to my Grandfather at the moment, and I feel bad that I can’t go and be with him and spend time with him right now………

I’ll leave you with an incredibly moving image from my beautiful flickr girlfriend, taken in memory of her Grandfather:

EDIT: My Grandfather has been diagnosed with Asbestosis: the scarring of lung tissue (around terminal bronchioles and alveolar ducts) resulting from the inhalation of asbestos fibers.  His doctor has told him he may have 2-4 years to live.  The news is better than expected, but still incredibly sad.  His words to the doctor were “Can you just give me a few more years so I can see my great grandchildren grow up?”  He was speaking about my children………..