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14 Jun

I am converted!

I have lived in this sleepy city  (Canberrrra) for nearly 12 months now, and embarassedly I admit that I have never partaken of the liquid that this pretty state boasts……ITS VINO!!!  So today I took my parents (visiting from the distant, sunny QLD) on a tour of our local wineries, particularly those in the Murrumbateman reigon and WOW-ZERS I am shocked that I didn’t think of this sooner!  I am a twit!  I have been sitting on a veritable GOLDMINE of the alcoholic nature and hadn’t a CLUE! *slaps forehead at own stupidity*

My father is a hobbyist winemaker and we do enjoy the spoils when we visit the far, lovelylovely north for a few holidays a year…but other than that, we get by (disgruntledly) BUYING it from the local….the ghastly stuff, filled with enough sulphates to preserve your pancreas for the next 2 decades…oh and the HEADACHES we endure, pheck!

By far, my favourite winery of the day was Helm Wines, just a few minutes drive east of Murrumbateman.  Ken (owner) regaled us with hysterical history and politics tales as he poured us a drop (or 6) of his widely acclaimed cool reigon wines, that knocked our woolly merino socks off!!!!  Sorry folks, but unless you buy them online, you’ll have to dine in some of Australias top restaurants to be able to buy a glass of the genius brew for yourself!  I will get writers cramp listing all the awards Helm’s have won, so here is a snatch from the website (where you can also go and order yourself a case or 6):

Helm Wines have attracted an impressive 30 years of wine show awards from every major show and wine critic in Australia. To date they have won 15 trophies, 17 gold, 46 silver and 120 + bronze awards with hundreds of newspaper columns both in Australia and overseas devoted to praising Helm Wines and the friendly reception at the winery.” (

Impressive, yes?  I am feeling much warmer with a few Helms in me (gah, it’s FREEZING here today, ok?) and it’s off to the movies for me and Mama…..ahhh, I miss my Mama!!!

Fashion Illustration….why not?

12 Jun

Ok, I got a spare hour today (INCREDIBLE, I know!) and decided to drag out the old sketch pad and pencils…..which have been wilting away since, ummm, about 2001?!? I brushed off the dust (with a shovel!) and opened my Frankie to an inspiring pic….the most delectable fashion shoot!!! And this is what I came up with……….


NOW, be kind please, I haven’t taken pencil to paper for a good 7 years, I’m a bit rusty…….

Our FINAL winner!

12 Jun


Well my 7 Giveaways in 7 Days has been OVERWHELMINGLY popular, my email account has crashed a few times due to the popularity of these cute Etsy giveaways!!  Thanks to all my readers who took the time and effort to enter, the prizes were just too good to resist!!  Feel free to visit all the stores I featured, and let them know that you saw them on my blog, they are enjoying all your support immensely and like to look after PYT readers!!!  I will be doing another 7 days of giveaways again soon, so keep dropping back for updates……

On a more contraversial note, my blog got me banned from one of Australias largest fashion forums, it seems that you can promote Gucci/Prada/Chloe/Marc Jcobs in your blog and your OWN online fashion STORE on said forum, but NOT new and upcoming Etsyans on an unpaid, no-profit blog…..makes your stomach churn, no?  Thanks for all the lovely encouraging emails from other forum members, I will be back…but under another name *wink*!

Another post on its way later today,



11 Jun

feather headbands


Our seventh featured Etsyan is: AFarmersDaughter

Creator of stunning headbands and cute jewels, AFarmersDaughter says: “A Farmers Daughter is a small collection of handmade accessories. A love for re-using old vintage items and mixing them with new items to create new accessories that you will love and covet. I live in on the West Coast in Awesome Vancouver BC. I enjoy warm cozy fires, many different teas at bedtime, my puppy Lola and my greatest ever boyfriend Miles. I work in my cozy little studio designing, and sewing the days away.
I am a Gemini with many ideas and I am always on to the next before I even know it.”

For the PRETTIEST headbands on the block, go and drool over AFarmersDaughter‘s store and let her know that you saw her work HERE at PYT, for extra Etsy love!!!!


10 Jun

vinyl wall art by holly


Our sixth featured Etsyan is: holly of

Creative illustrator and mother of 2, holly designs UBER COOL vinyl wall decals sold on Etsy! About her: “I studied graphic design in College & started my career out in design. Then moved into Product development & Illustration. I love to draw & design. I have two little girls. I love to read to them, and they love it too. My husband is a great help & support in my business, he does the shipping & business side. My husband and I do Vinyl Wall Art full time.”

The Landlord will love you, as these vinyl decals are easily removed in a flash. No mess, no fuss just FABULOUS FUN! For the most FUSS FREE and SUPER CUTE home decorations, go see holly, and let her know that you saw her work HERE at PYT, for extra Etsy love!!!!


9 Jun

evermore soap beauty spa products etsy soap


Our fifth featured Etsyan is: evermoresoap

With a shop absolutely PACKED with DELICIOUS SPA BEAUTY and BATH GOODIES evermoresoap says “I started my beloved business, Evermore Soap Factory, in 2004 to promote the idea of
natural living and to sell products that went along with that ideal. As a student of
natural medicine, I can provide myself and my customers with a healthy and satisfying
bathing experience.

I sell a full line of herbal soaps in all your favorite scents, as well as a plethora of natural bath products. Everything is handmade with love to encourage physical and mental well being.

In addition to my spa line, I also offer a wide variety of handmade items. I specialize in decoupage wooden boxes and other paper crafts. I take inspiration for my designs from simple things, like the beauty in everyday objects, and more exotic areas like vintage papers and fabrics. Most of my inspiration however comes from Mother Nature herself. As with my spa line, I strive to design artwork that creates an awareness and appreciation for the beauty and wonder of nature.”

YUM, YUM, go get yourself some!!!!!! If you want to buy from evermoresoap, let her know that you saw her work HERE at PYT, for extra LOVE and BUBBLES!!!!


7 Jun



Today I want to apologise for the missing post (thanks for all the concerned emails, you guys are the SWEETEST!), my internet modem died and I spent all day running around like a headless chicken buying a new modem and setting it all up (actually, my computer geek of a hubby did THAT part, but I sure stressed out just watching!) So my sincerest apologies and now ON WITH THE GIVEAWAYS!!!!

Our fourth featured Etsyan is: sophiassweetspot

With artworks that just POP off the page sophiassweetspot says: “I am 28 years old and a stay at home mom. I am always sketching and when i get to steal time away for myself i love to paint. It’s what i love to do the most besides spend time with my husband and little girls.

I am trying to build my shop so that one day it can be a full time job that pays the bills. My girls will eventually go to school and art is my passion so it makes sense. I do not have any formal training besides taking an art class when I was in sixth grade. Eventually I would like to obtain a degree in graphic design. My art style varies from shabby chic to retro mod, and who knows whats next!

My portfolio is available on, so check it out if you would like to see the range of my work.” If you want to buy from sophiassweetspot, let her know that you saw her work HERE at PYT, for extra SWEETNESS!!!!