Where are my ‘style’ pics??

1 Jun

they’re coming……

For those who don’t know me, I added to my gorgeous little family 3 months ago! I gave birth to a super sweet little girl and named her Poppy and let me tell you, she is sunshine personified!!! This means that I am still trying to banish a few last pregnancy kilos (they are desperately clinging to my hips, whining “But don’t you want to be WARM this winter?”) before I am allowed to buy any pretty new clothes! I do torture myself, don’t I? I am officially not allowed to purchase any new clothes until the last 5kg is out the window and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which to me is a good money saving tool as well! I have cheated a little, and purchased 3 thermal tops, on sale from $38 each down to ‘Buy 3 for $50’ at Kathmandu….it was either that, or chip me out of bed in the mornings with an ice-pick….and I don’t really suit certain shades of frozen blue!!!

SO, the point is: my style pics are only a few weeks away, HOORAY!

I did think of REALLY challenging myself….and that is a whole other post….today I’ll leave you with my favourite VINTAGE Etsy listings of the moment: http://www.etsy.com

Love and other indoor sports, PYT

snakeskin vintage bag
AMAZING Vintage Handbag from revivalhouse

80\'s vintage bamboo dress
GORGEOUS vintage dress from danca

aqua sheer dress
SHIMMERY little dress from futurevintage

gorgeous roses frock

GORGEOUS roses frock from leolucaescobar

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