New collection, what I dream of!!!

2 Jun

About a kazillion years ago (tangent: you’ll have to ask my friend Chris Bleys if this is REALLY a number, he’s an uber-geek Mathematics specialist!) I worked for the AMAZING Brisbane fashion label Easton Pearson. It was a dream come true, as I have followed their label from my early teens and still lust after their exotic, DELICIOUS pieces to this day! So I wasn’t suprised when I liked their latest collection, shown on the runways of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. What DID suprise me, was that I ADORED EVERY SINGLE PIECE of the vibrant collection “Rainbow Coalition”, right down to the AMAZING jewellery and quirky floral headpieces! A little bit Aztec, a whole lot tribal this collection is incredibly wearable with relaxed cuts and flattering, flowing fabrics. The mixtures of colours and patterns are clashingly brilliant, the styling combinations are a work of art, head to toe! Out of all the minimalistic black and white of other designers collections at RAFW, Easton Pearson was a glowing rainbow of hope and happiness for us all! Below are my picks of the collection “Rainbow Coalition”…..(photos from

Love and other indoor sports, PYT

Easton Pearson dress

Easton Pearson dress 2

Easton Pearson dress 3

Easton Pearson dress 4

Easton Pearson dress 5


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