AMAZING SKIN, for MUCH less!!!

3 Jun

If you haven’t already noticed, I am pretty much online all day, every day (when I’m not chasing little folk around the house!). This means that I am able to research the best possible bargains around….out of necessity of course *ahem*, so I can justify purchases to my husband! I have stumbled across some of the most AMAZING sites whilst lingering on my favourite beauty and fashion forums, and I thought it only fair that I share them with you, considering you might not have the luxury of slothing around the web all day (unless, of course, you DO, and in that case “HIGH FIVE!!!”).

This post is specifically directed at those who wouldn’t mind having much more GORGEOUS skin, let me hear an “AMEN” people!!!!

Due to the fact that my fine lines weren’t getting any finer, I set out to ATTEMPT to find some beauty products that actually performed! Little did I know of the task ahead!!! After hours and hours of discussing with friends, forum members and beauty specialists, I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to re-mortgage the house to afford skincare products that created the miracles I was hoping for…..hope in a jar was going to cost me $250, there was no hope for my credit card…..I sadly backed away from hope, and went home empty-handed, hoping that the stress of the search hadn’t worsened my ‘fine’ lines in the meantime, GAH!!!

I was FRUSTRATED! Surely there was a backdoor into the beauty product industry, where I could lavish myself in amazing products that DELIVERED results, for next to nada??? (I can hear you snorting at the hilarity of my naivete from here!!) But then I stumbled upon my skincare SAVIOUR:

I almost hyperventilated scouring through the product lists of ready-made and DIY active products and ingredients….”Creme De La Mer ingredients for $30.00, HOW CAN THIS BE???” “Why is this/that/the other so CHEAP?” It was only when my 3 year old daughter tripped over it, that I realised my jaw was on the floor!!!! *hands shaking* I placed myself an order with SkinActives thinking to myself that even if it didn’t work (I appologise for the blasphemy Dr. Hannah!!!), at least I hadn’t spent too much of hubby’s hard earned cash! BUT I was not to be disappointed…..6 days later, my bargain-basement ‘hope in a box’ arrived from the U.S, full of skin-loving goodness that I LATHERED myself with. Well, KNOCK ME DOWN WITH A FEATHER, they WORKED!!!! After about 6 weeks of dedicated application, my SkinActives products had transformed my complexion beyond belief, even my husband, (who hates the beauty industry and it’s products with ZEAL), couldn’t help but comment “WOW sweetie, your skin is looking so good!” Chuffed much???

I have tried a large percentage of their ready-made concoctions and also mixed my own blends, with the help of the AMAZING SkinActivesForum DIY-pro’s, and everything I have used has been of the highest possible quality, and delivered exactly the results I was hoping for, no marketing B.S here people! Products that I can HIGHLY reccomend are:

I could go on and on, but I won’t bore you with all my accolades…..see for yourself!!! PLEASE NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated with, or employed by SkinActives, my bias is purely based on excellent results as a customer purchasing their products and the reviews of other very satisfied clients!

You can also purchase through the SkinActives EBAY Store if you have an Ebay account.

One Response to “AMAZING SKIN, for MUCH less!!!”

  1. girlpaint June 4, 2008 at 10:51 am #

    I love your post about SAS, prettyyoungthing. I, too, am a devoted skincare DIY’er, and SAS products and actives are many of the biggest weapons in my arsenal. Congrats on your great complexion! 🙂

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