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29 May

All this week, I have been thinking about HAIR!  After 6 months of not having a haircut, my own hair is getting a bit long and wild…and ridiculously high-maintenance!  I am deliberating going the chop, in quite a major way…but then thoughts of enduring a Canberra Winter without wooly hair to keep my skull warm are putting me off…..that and the fact that I have a goal *giggles*.

What is this goal?  WELL, just because you asked, the goal is to grow my hair long enough to do a ‘mermaid’, just for a laugh…..because COME ON, who hasn’t wanted to be a mermaid at least once in their life?? (my straight male friends need not reply!).

So, in the meantime, here are some pretty little piccys of OTHER people’s hair……hair is SUCH a cool prop (especially for mermaids)!!  ;P

HAPPY FRIDAY and have a GORGEOUS weekend…


Boys and their threads……

28 May

Stumbled upon this photographer during my daily flickr travels….it was hard to tear myself away from his stream!  No idea why……….*cough*

Pretty Petal……..

26 May

I have to say, I am utterly and entirely addicted to Peonies.  For some reason they make me visualise swirling dresses, filled with a breeze, rising at the hem and billowing around the knees.  Silk tulle hems curling at the edges, in thick, frothy layers.  Skirts of paper-thin, crispy silk tafetta, crunchy and ruffled but as delicate as a petal, curving and falling.

Is it Spring yet??

Not even close.

More Illustration…….

20 May

SO, sorry about the missing posts, I have been a bit frustrated with my image hosting site, which has been down all last week, taking my blog down with it!!!  GAH!  It drives me batty when technology briefly fails….

Today, due to MORE hiccups with said site, I am resorting to showing you some images of my lastest illustrations!  For Mother’s Day (2 weekends ago), my husband gifted me with a LOVELY Wacom Bamboo!  I have been doing a little bit of practise, but I’m still pretty unco-ordinated with the whole hand+screen+eye style of doing things……hehehehehe.



Baby, it’s cold outside!!!

11 May

And these photo’s just make me want to snuggle up in bed, with a coffee, a good book and a big warm quilt…..and maybe some chewy, buttery, home-baked choc chip cookies………did I say ‘some’?  I meant ‘MANY’!!!!!!!


8 May

It’s Friday again…..and there are pretty things to be seen….and ADORED!!

Fly Away Thursday………

7 May

Because Thursday is for dreaming…..about the weekend!!!