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19 Jun

Here’s a little gasp-worthy collection for your perusal, from exquisite designer Rita Saardi……….ahhhh, the pretty things………..Have a WONDERFUL FRIDAY my gorgeous friends!!!  Happy weekending, xxx PYT







Collection images from: Rita Saardi

Colour swatches by: prettyoungthing!


Loving the Lanvin!

18 Jun

Being Australian, I LOVE a jolly good splash of colour!  That’s probably why I love the Lanvin Resort 2010 collection so much!  Accessorised with pretty POPS and BURSTS of contrasting colours, it cements the fact that bold and oversized accessories are here to stay for a while longer, HURRAH!!!







Images courtesy of, colour swatches courtesy of me!

It’s a grey day………..

16 Jun

Today I’m feeling a bit off.

I found out at the end of last week that my Grandfather was taken to hospital by my Mum, after complaining of not being able to breathe.  Yesterday, after many tests and discussions with his heart specialist, my Grandfather was given an MRI on his lungs.  Apparently it IS NOT his heart causing the breathing issue (which is what the Dr.’s were telling him it was for the last 6 months), and it now looks a lot more sinister and more a lung issue.

There are basically two rather large and horrible possibilities.  First being; my Grandfather has advanced lung cancer.  Second being; my Grandfather has Mesothelioma, a cancer that is very strongly linked to asbestos exposure (he worked as  a builder back in the days of asbestos).  As yet, we are still awaiting the results of the lung MRI.

I am scared.  I have never had anyone close to me die, ever.  I don’t live near to my Grandfather at the moment, and I feel bad that I can’t go and be with him and spend time with him right now………

I’ll leave you with an incredibly moving image from my beautiful flickr girlfriend, taken in memory of her Grandfather:

EDIT: My Grandfather has been diagnosed with Asbestosis: the scarring of lung tissue (around terminal bronchioles and alveolar ducts) resulting from the inhalation of asbestos fibers.  His doctor has told him he may have 2-4 years to live.  The news is better than expected, but still incredibly sad.  His words to the doctor were “Can you just give me a few more years so I can see my great grandchildren grow up?”  He was speaking about my children………..

Colour Me Good…………

15 Jun

I love making little swatches of coloured goodness…..creating stories, mixing and playing with combinations that I haven’t yet tried.  Here’s some of my latest stories and the patterns that inspired them!











These are a few of my FAVORITE things!

6 Jun

Being completely inspired by the lovely julaberry, I have decided to collate a little list of my fav things about Winter.  Those who know me, know that I am a tropical heat lover, born and raised on the beaches of Australia’s Sunshine Coast.  The cold weather is not something I thrive in, so moving to one of the coldest states in Australia really wasn’t my idea of a fabulous time on any level of the Fun-o-meter!!!

HOWEVER, I thought it might be fun to push myself to find the good in winter.  Push, PUSH, PUUUUUUUSH………

#1.  Being able to wrap my freezing mitts around steaming hot cups of gourmet coffee all day.

#2.  Being able to wear jeans 24/7 and not have to worry about the legs eleven for a few months.

#3.  Baking like a wild thing.  All that comfort food that is sooooo good in the cold weather, muffins, roasts, pies, cakes….

#4.  Wearing millions of layers of clothing (and perhaps a girdle?), to disguise the fact that you’ve just eaten ALL the baking listed above!!

#5.  And…….and….ummm………………. I’m out!!  I thought I could like Winter for at least 5 reasons, but damn…….I can’t even FAKE it!!!  Now I am off to do a bit of this:



5 Jun

Last night at the gallery opening of the Vanity Fair exhibition, there were pretty things all over the place!!  But seeing as I didn’t take my camera (I’m sorry, but my purse was tiny and vintage, and my camera is not and not!) I have nothing to show you….but I got my piccy snapped a few times for local newspapers, so we’ll have to see if I make the cut!!!

And now on to prettythings, today involves a beautiful artist that a good friend of mine (*waves to Domonic*) showed me recently………his songs make my heart ache, they are so sweet!!  The amazing part is he’s unsigned!!  This is the gorgeous Cass Lowe…….I hope you adore him as much as I do ;D

HAPPY FRIDAY my loves!!!

Shiny things attract this birdy!

3 Jun

I LOOOOOOOVE costume jewellery….infact, I love it so much I design it for a living!  HA!  So that’s why this extravagant little photo shoot made me say “OH YES!” a few times over!!

This is the way I wish girls would wear their lavish jewels, no frock necessary!!!